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Anthony Green “Stonehearted Man”

"They say what doesn’t kill the soul will make it harder
But you can’t be a stone hearted man.
This isn’t just a waste of time, addictions made me stronger
But you can’t be stoned all the time.
Do you realize that you apologize, when it’s not your fault, 
Cause we’re all fucked up.”

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I’ll just use this to make myself into a better person :)

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Someone give me a new tattooooo :(

I’m broke but I want more.

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me and blazeberg


me and blazeberg

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"no" is too serious

"nope" is too casual

"nah" is just right

"Did you kill this man?" "Nah"

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when the person u hate does something that makes everyone else hate them:


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What day is it? Chad Wys

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Floorboards//Real Friends


Floorboards//Real Friends

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My dad might be moving to Mississippi so I might just be living by myself this summer.

Well I’d be with my brother but he’s never home so it’s pretty much by myself.

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